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We have a diverse collection of classrooms and inspirational spaces that are spread all over Delhi – NCR. This article is listing out five inspirational classrooms from that collection. These classrooms are available on rent through SpaceBoat.

1. Inspirational Classroom with a Story.

Do you remember going to your grandparents for stories?
Some of us fortunate people have had the privilege of listening to our grandmother’s fairy tales lying in her lap, while she gently sifted her hand through our hair. Maybe even going to our grandfather to hear stories of his youth and hardships plugged with history lessons every once in a while.

So much of our childhood and adulthood has taken shape from such stories. At SpaceBoat we believe, children should be exposed to the world of stories and storytelling as they help them build confidence, develop imagination, learn languages and most importantly help them cope with their feelings. When children read stories that contain feelings, they get to understand and accept their own feelings. It helps them realise, that there are other children who feel the same; that they are not alone.

The classroom in the first picture perfectly embodies the feelings expressed in the above words.

2. Inspirational Classroom filled with color and butterflies

In addition to affecting our mood, emotions and actions, color also affects the ambience of space as well as how big or small, coldly or warmly it is perceived. Colors are the most commonly used tool by children to express their emotions and thoughts.

Children need to be educated in areas that bolster their creativity and imagination. Due to the fact that classrooms are the most important means of serving this purpose, they rank foremost among the factors that require our attention the most.

The classroom in the picture is from a SpaceBoat partnered Space that exudes warmth and provides an inspiring environment for kids. 

3. Inspirational Classroom with an owl and a tree.

“How many times have you felt that the place that you are studying in has a great learning environment? How does it feel to be learning at a place with such an ambience?

It is said that for highly effective and student-centred learning, it is extremely important to have feel-good learning environments. A place where students come in and feel positive and energised. A place where your mind opens up when you come in, instead of closing down. A place where students are asking more questions than the teachers.

In the picture below, is one such classroom, available on Sohna Road, Gurgaon. Naturally-lit classroom, with moods for seating, makes up for a perfect place to learn, where learning feels like play!

4. Inspirational Classroom as White as Snow

As students, hundreds of memories rush to our minds the moment we hear the word ‘classroom’. Learning, fighting, looking out the window, class presentations, flying paper planes, debates, hiding phones, asking questions, answering questions, first benchers, backbenchers and out-standers(quite literally)! A positive learning environment can only come from a place which itself feels happy and welcoming.

Students coming to SpaceBoat classrooms, find their minds switch on the moment they enter, because of the open, naturally-lit environment and well-furnished rooms.

5. Inspirational Classroom in the attic.

Filling up empty space or a classroom with furniture and adjusting accordingly is what has been practised by the world so far. Have you ever considered observing the classroom environment while it is being used and tweak accordingly?

Whether it is natural lighting or access to the water bottles, a book stand or sitting area and play area within the classroom, everything needs to be aligned with the kids’ comfort.

We believe in focusing on the layout of the classroom, making sure children have a balance between large open spaces and areas that require the refinement of movement. The classroom in the picture passes the above test with flying grades.

Are you missing a classroom that inspires you to think openly, and is safe and approachable at the same time? Shift to a SpaceBoat classroom today!

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