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You are an inspired, confident, visionary educator. You have a unique selling point. You have masses of students lined up to attend your classes. You are located at a premium location. Yet, you don’t know how to grow bigger and better.

Have you been thinking to yourself that it’s about time that you took the next step to growth? If yes, the simple answer to your question is: the feasibility of any education-based model can be broken down into two main areas – market size and expenses. Most educators have their market-sizing well-covered, as it involves the analysis of the audience, competition and fee structure.

Expenses, however, is the area where educators miss the mark quite often. Office setup cost, monthly rent, salaries, furniture costs, electricity bills, etc. If careful planning does not go into managing and outlying these expenses, it could potentially spell disaster.

In order to avert that disaster, here are a few ways that SpaceBoat can help you grow, without compromising on the quality of education you provide.


1. Co-Learning Spaces

Our space-sharing solution is one of a kind, given we cater specifically to educators. Leasing a space that you will use only for a few hours in a day ,but will pay for a whole month, doesn’t make much sense in the financial terms. We give you the flexibility of paying for the hours you use, thus cutting down on your monthly recurring bills by more than 60% and providing you with a broader budget to spend on things like new trainers or developing new content.

2. Multiple Locations

Establishing a new center is one of the fastest ways to expand your enterprise and being a recognizable brand in education. Searching for a new space can be a hassle that can consume the precious little time you may have besides teaching and managing your centers. Here is where Spaceboat can be of service, given our spaces are distributed all over the NCR region. They have good connectivity to various modes of public transport, are at prime locations, and do not require long-term leases.


3. Plug-n-Play

How easy would it be if we went home and the food was already on the table and all we needed to do was to just dig in? That is pretty much what SpaceBoat provides as a solution. Our classrooms are ready to use spaces that are customized according to your needs. Instead of going through never-ending negotiations, if you like a space, you can start operating from there the next day if you wish!


4. Space Management

Light bulbs are flickering, AC is not working, birds are cooing too loudly; such frustrating situations happen from time to time. But, when you are on board with SpaceBoat, all you need to do is give our Space Manager a call, and consider these problems a thing of the past. They are quite the dedicated bunch, whose sole aim is to perform feats of extraordinaire so that you don’t go through the painstaking task of sorting out every little problem that raises its head. (No birds were harmed in the making of this company.)


5. Growth Consultancy

Not sure where to start on your growth journey? Have questions about which model to adopt, or how to do Marketing or if there’s a new segment of students you can chase?

If these are the questions that are keeping you up at night, we’ll introduce you to SpaceBoat’s in-house growth consultants. We will help you design a new plan or modify your existing one to help you build as a brand and maximize your potential and profit. We will help you to identify new locations for your centers, help you with faculty recruitment and student enrollments. We go the extra mile to help our clients outperform their competition.


Bonus: We walk the talk.

Sound good, and can’t wait to have a conversation?

Contact us, and we will be delighted to have a conversation or a coffee or both with you.

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