Classroom on rent in Gurgaon at SpaceBoat - Art Avenue School
Classroom on rent in Gurgaon – Art Avenue School


The Art Avenue School offers courses in a wide spectrum of visual arts. They guide and mentor their student to help them build the skills to start their creative career. In the school, they also offer courses in Fine Art, including Painting, Applied Art and Entrance Preparation for NID, NIFT, and NATA.


Classroom on rent in Delhi NCR
Art Avenue


Gurgaon Golf Course Road

Student Hrs Taught
Lakhs Money Saved

Challenges faced by Art Avenue School

Challenge 1: Extremely high Capex to plan a new center

Starting a new center in itself is a task. When Art Avenue planned a new center, they started searching for relevant spaces. The biggest problem that they faced was extremely high capex. Getting any place less than 500 sq ft bare shell is difficult, and on top of it, the furniture and room setup makes it even more expensive. The plan to start and test out a new center always suffered because of unpredictability on return on investment.

Solution: Provided a good space to experiment with at nominal cost of Rs. 12,500

SpaceBoat introduced the concept of Space sharing with Art Avenue. This intrigued the owner to finally test out a new market before taking a call on establishing the center over there. The risk taking ability was much better with SpaceBoat and this made it possible for them to start a new center. As a result of it, without much ado, Art Avenue came forward to start and test out a new market for themselves.

Challenge 2: Longer Lock-in Period

Due to the fixed rental model and lock in period being too long, Art Avenue decided not to take on any space in new zone before establishing their existing center in North delhi. They were worried that if managing two center and testing out a new zone will go wrong, still they might have to lose out on a lot of revenue because of year long lock in at any new space.

Solution: Small commitment of 3 months lock-in only

SpaceBoat very well understands the issues of year long or even worse, 2 to 3 year of lock-in period while taking up a commercial space. This increases the possibility of inability to run new experiment for a business owner and also plan their growth or cult the experiment if it goes wrong. Art Avenue took it as an opportunity to run and test out an experiment around starting new center in a new zone. They were very well aware of the small lock-in period of 3 months and used this option to open a new center in Gurgaon.

Challenge 3: Fear of delay in getting security deposits

The biggest fear among any educator before depositing a Security deposit is a behavioral aspect of property owner, where they often delay in transferring back the amount or even make unethical obligations so that they won’t have to return the entire amount. Art avenue tried a new location but because of less students and more educator’s bandwidth requirement, they decided to leave the premises and first expand better in North delhi. Now the question was, when will they get their security deposit?


Solution: Immediate settlement of balances within 3 days

SpaceBoat always tells the educators that we transfer the security deposit within 7 days from the day of vacating the premises. But, like always, we returned and balanced the amount within 3 business days for Art Avenue. The quick service and easy disengagement is extremely important especially when a person decides to disengage and restart their journey somewhere else. We understand the importance of it and never go back from our commitments.

Challenge 4: Deboarding and furniture shifting

Last days before vacating a space requires a lot of effort such as shifting the stuff back to some other space, arranging a vehicle, changing the business info on every property, including entrepreneurial pressure. It becomes more difficult if there is no one to care and listen to the breakdowns, to support and help.

Solution: Dedicated SpaceManager to help Deboard

SpaceBoat provides a dedicated SpaceManager to help in disengaging, last moment troubleshooting, coordinating with Space owner, furniture shifting, managing payment balances and a happy goodbye. This made super easy for Art Avenue to vacate the premises with ease. We wish many success to Art Avenue for their North Delhi Center and also, for expanding their footprint all across Delhi NCR with us!

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