Delhi Law Academy is a premier institute providing coaching for Law Entrance Examinations.


Delhi Law Academy


DLF Phase IV, Gurugram

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Challenges faced by EduQuest

Challenge 1: No SignUps for weekday batches

Initially, when Delhi Law Academy started their classes with us, they had reserved the entire room for themselves, expecting to run both weekdays and weekend batches. However, as they started doing their marketing, they got a very few signups for the weekday batches. It wasn’t making sense for them to keep running their weekday batches anymore.

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Solution: Scale your requirement up & down, with our flexible model

 SpaceBoat model allows for flexibility to reserve the hours/days based on your requirement. Delhi Law Academy found immense value in it, as by the end of first month. They were able to switch from, initially reserving the entire room to later, reserving only the weekends for themselves. They saved costs while still starting out, with the peace that they could switch back to their full requirement in future, whenever they wanted, subject to availability.

Challenge 2: Counselling Setup Required

As DLA began their classes from our SpacePartner, they realised that they need a small counselling setup, to be able to entertain any enquiries that came in, and they needed it close to their classroom.


Solution: Done!

Determined to solve all their problems for them, we were able to arrange a make-shift counselling setup for them, right outside their classroom! The owner mentioned that it worked out beautifully for them, and were happy that we were able to accommodate their request.

Challenge 3: Too much sunlight

DLA had started their classes with us in the month of November, and everything was going fine, until summer. There were huge windows in their room, and during the day, there would be so much light coming from the windows, that the students were not able to see the projection on the screen.

Solution: White Chart Papers (until the curtains could be installed)

Vivek called us to inform about the same on a Saturday evening. And we had told him that installing curtains would take some time, but we’ll get it done. Putting on our problem-solving hat, and dedicated to provide a good experience to our users, our SpaceManager reached their premises early morning the next day before their class, with chart papers, tape, scissors etc. She covered all the windows with white chart papers, such that only some diffused light would enter the classroom (so that the room doesn’t become dark) and there was no impact of the light on the projection. By the time we finished doing it, Vivek had come in for his class and gave us his best smile ever!


Stellar experience! I have been a happy user of Spaceboat's services for almost a year now. They have exceeded expectations on every count, and have been able partners with us in our growth. The team is responsive and very personable and helpful. Most importantly, they are willing to be flexible and accommodate requirements. I highly recommend Spaceboat to everyone who needs a flexible space/capacity partner.
Vivek Subramanian
Founder CEO

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