South Delhi Space at SpaceBoat
South Delhi Space at SpaceBoat


 EduShastra is a leading  institute offering specialised classroom for study abroad entrance exams. They believe in teaching fundamental and problem solving concepts to the aspirants.




Noida Sec 62

Student Hrs Taught
Lakhs Money Saved

Challenges faced by EduShastra

Challenge 1: Losing out on student leads

 Being a highly motivated institute, Edushastra wanted to convert student leads coming in from all across Delhi NCR. Edushastra’s single center at Janakpuri couldn’t convert the interested student leads from Gurgaon, Noida, South delhi etc, being too far from Janakpuri. Edushastra decided to reach close to students by opening more centers. Investment on real estate was too high and this was coming in between the growth and expansion journey.

Noida classroom space at SpaceBoat

Solution: Availability Of Classrooms Across Delhi NCR​

 SpaceBoat not only identifies the high demand areas for GMAT entrance examination institutes but also maintains a portfolio of multiple classrooms available in those locations. We understand that an institute needs a smaller clssroom in the beginning whereas the capacity can go beyond 15 or 20 during peak days and hence, we maintain a variety of classrooms of different capacities available in those locations.

Challenge 2: Fewer And Smaller Batches During Lean Season​

EduShastra booked more number of hours through us in Noida and South Delhi during peak season. On the other hand, the requirement decreased during lean season. Edushastra didn’t want to pay fixed rentals for the unused hours.

Solution: Pricing Flexibility​

 SpaceBoat provides flexible rentals based on the actual use. During lean period, EduShastra decreased the number of hours and saved money to re invest in marketing, trainers and opening new centers.

Challenge 3: Operational breakdown

 When EduShastra started their own center, they realised they are not being able to focus on content delivery completely. Daily operations management, coordination with the office boy, center management etc is a major responsibility on top of best content creation and delivery.

Edushastra - classroom on rent in delhi ncr

Solution: Dedicated Space Managers to solve operational headaches

 SpaceBoat always provide a Space Manager to all the educators. We provided one manager to EduShastra as well. Our SpaceManager is available for troubleshooting and to solve any problem for Edushastra so that they can focus on their content delivery and growth. We are their extended team to take on any administrative headache so that they remain stress free. On an ongoing basis, whatever small or big breakdowns he face, all he needs to do is send us a whatsapp message, and consider it done!



This innovative model gives flexibility and bandwidth to scale. We started with them two years ago and it has been a successful journey.​
Vipul Parashar
Founder CEO

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