RoboClub is a Robotics Club for young children from 4.5 to 18 years old. Their endeavor is to get children excited about learning science, engineering and technology. And they enable it through Hi-Tech, fun robotics programs.




Vasant Kunj, South Delhi; DLF Phase 4, Gurugram

Student Hrs Taught
Lakhs Money Saved

Challenges faced by RoboClub

Challenge 1: Multi-centre presence

RoboClub had remained a single-center operation for a very long time. Opening a new center is a task in itself, and Sunaina, the founder of RoboClub, was finding it difficult to take time out from her busy schedule for going venue hunting. She wanted to take RoboClub across Delhi NCR but was finding it difficult to do so.


Solution: Multiple locations available through SpaceBoat

With SpaceBoat, Sunaina was able to grow to three centers within a span of 6 months, and is already thinking about two more. Instead of her having to spend her time on venue hunting, we were able to give her shortlisted spaces based on her requirement, and then she just had to visit it once and finalise, everything else was taken care of by us at the back end. All the installations at the venue, operational headaches, everything is being taken care of by us, leaving Sunaina with enough time to focus on other aspects of her academy. Having experienced the SpaceBoat solution inside-out, Sunaina is now planning her growth across NCR with SpaceBoat.

Challenge 2 : Heavy Rentals

When thinking of starting a new center, the kind of rentals that people were asking for from them, was fast becoming a problem. As somebody trying to establish their presence in a new location, paying heavy rentals from Day 1 is not feasible. It takes time to spread your word out, and for the students to start enrolling in. This fear had been one of the biggest roadblocks in being able to plan the expansion further.

Solution: Start a new center with Rs. 10,000/mo!

SpaceBoat offers different plans catering to different kinds of requirements. For somebody who is just looking to start a new location, our Beginners plan works like a charm! This plan offers immense flexibility and that is probably the reason why it is the most sought after plan among our users. RoboClub was able to start a new center with SpaceBoat by reserving two hours, twice a week worth of hours at one of our spaces for just Rs. 10,000 a month! This is how they were able to add a new center, without having to spend a bomb for doing so.

Challenge 3: Lean Period

As an educator running an academy, lean periods and peak periods are a part of life. Same was the case with RoboClub, who found it difficult to be able to sustain a lean period with heavy rentals that the market was asking for.

Solution: Flexibility of reservation of hours

RoboClub has been happily using the flexibility that comes with the SpaceBoat model. What that means is they can reduce or increase their reserved hours, based on their requirement. They’re able to scale down their usage in case of lean periods and hence, pay lesser; and then increase it again in their peak periods. This flexibility has helped them a lot in being able to plan their batches accordingly, and also save money on rentals when enrollments are lower.

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