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SportyBeans is India’s most reputable multi-sport program for children (aged 1.5-8 years). They have been operating since 2009 and currently run classes for children at locations across the Country. Their research backed sports curriculum teaches children the fundamentals of 9 popular ball sports (Soccer, Baseball, Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball, Cricket, Golf, Rugby and Tennis) in a social, non-competitive, team-based environment. SportyBeans seeks to promote a healthy lifestyle, develop a lifelong passion for physical activity and sport.




DLF Phase IV, Gurgaon; East of Kailash, Delhi

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Challenges faced by SportyBeans

Challenge 1: Where to open a new centre?

When a franchisee owner for SportyBeans in Noida started facing problems with their existing space, they reached out to SpaceBoat for help. Instead of just finding a new venue for him, what he also wanted to know was where should he open his new centre. Should he do it in the same area as he was doing it earlier? Or is there a better area where he can start the classes from. He found it extremely difficult to be able to make that decision. More importantly, they way he was thinking about it was based more on intuition and guesses, rather than on data.

Solution: Geographical analytics for SportyBeans!

What SpaceBoat provided this franchisee owner was research backed insights on various factors such as paying capacity of an area, average rentals of an area, the average fee charged by competing / complementary programs in the area, how densely populated the area was etc. for multiple different areas that he had shortlisted as his priority list. After looking at this research backed data, it was very easy and clear for him to decide which area to chase, and what should be his strategy when trying to enter that market. All of this analytics helped him confidently take on a new market, where SpaceBoat chased down all possible venue options for him and got him started from there!

Challenge 2: New location, how to get students?

When SportyBeans was setting up one of their new centers, they were initially struggling to get enrollments. They were trying hard and trying multiple channels to be able to spread the word out to the residents of that area about the classes starting up, but it wasn’t showing great results.

SportyBeans - Interaction with parents on PTM

Solution: Parent interaction on PTM Days for SportyBeans

SpaceBoat was able to speak to the school that SportyBeans was operating from, to allow them to put a stall on their PTM days, such that they can get a chance to interact with parents directly and tell them about their programme. Just being present on the PTM Days helped them a lot since they got a lot of enquiries from that effort, which further translated into enrolled students. Besides PTM Days, the school also helped spread the word about their classes by permanently keeping their standee at the reception, so that anybody who walks in/out was able to notice it and call them up if interested. Through all this effort, SportyBeans was able to form two batches at that location and successfully setup that new location.

Challenge 3: Class Cancellations due to rains

SportyBeans being a multi-sports programme is best conducted in an outdoor area. Which brings their biggest challenge, rains! Rainy season used to be the biggest interference for SportyBeans programme, because they were not able to conduct their classes and frequent class cancellations would happen. This affected the parents decision making and they would start seeing dropouts from the programme at the time of the rainy season.

SportyBeans Indoor class

Solution: Indoor space available

SpaceBoat was able to provide them with an alternative indoor space to run their classes from, on the days when it rained. This solved one of their biggest problems, and they weren’t having to cancel their classes anymore. Parents were a lot happier and were seeing them as a more consistent learning experience for their child. Their credibility increased and helped them establish a good name in that area.


Have known them for almost 2 years now and the journey has been good. I like the fact that they are hard working, responsible and live by never-give-up attitude. And that’s the real deal for me. Keep it up team SpaceBoat!
Abhinav Jain
Franchisee Owner, East of Kailash

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