spacious classroom with natural lighting
spacious classroom with natural lighting

Hello teachers!

When we started our journey, a lot of educators used to ask us, but why SpaceBoat? We thought it’ll be great to talk about this here. If you read our last post, we mentioned the 5 primary reasons why educators prefer to work with us. Today, we will be talking about the first of them, the space experience.

Now, imagine your students coming into a cramped, dingy basement for your class. They come in, one by one, take 20 minutes to settle down. You come in the classroom, ready to teach, and look at their faces. How are they feeling? Sleepy, probably.

SpaceBoat believes that the learning spaces should be inspirational. The students should come into your classroom, and immediately feel energised. They should look forward to the rest of their day. You’ll be surprised to know that the space you are teaching in, plays an important role in uplifting the mood of the people it hosts, you and your students. Here are a few key characteristics of our partner spaces, that make them conducive for learning.

Spacious Classrooms

We have identified the right students per room size ratio, and we maintain that across our spaces. Hence, you will not find yourself feeling cramped when teaching from our partner spaces.

Classrooms with Natural lighting

Most of our partner spaces have ample natural lighting, ensuring a vibrant atmosphere, and a positive look and feel.

Various Types of Classrooms

We have various types of educational spaces in our portfolio, such as Schools, Preschools, Colleges, Private Institutes, etc., and hence we are confident we will be able to provide you with exactly what you are looking for.

Apart from what lies inside the space, there are other set of factors, which are equally important for you and your students, that you might want to consider when you are choosing your next center location. As an example, the location, parking etc. Let’s talk about each of them, one by one.


Our partner spaces are located in prime locations. Depending on the requirement, we have spaces in high-paying residential catchments (for after-school activities), student hubs (for entrance examination coaching), corporate clusters (for professional skill / certificate courses) etc. We understand how important the location is, from a branding, marketing and accessibility perspective, and have curated spaces in the right locations.


Parking space is available right outside the space premises.


Most of our partner spaces are easily accessible by road. They’re usually located on the main road, or close to it.

Metro Proximity

Metro being the primary mode of transport for students in Delhi, we understand how important metro proximity is, for the location of your next center. We have partner spaces available very close to the metro station to fulfill this important requirement.

This is how SpaceBoat aims to offer you and your students the right space experience. In the next post, we will be talking about how SpaceBoat offers pricing flexibility, and why educators love it!

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