Discovering potential

Have you ever come across someone who is working at a startup? If yes, then you must be familiar with the following phrase, “You get to learn a lot in a startup.” To testify, this is true, especially for SpaceBoat.

The phrase may have become a cliché, but startups demand all hands to be on the deck. There is a desperate necessity for the team members to move projects further with diligence and efficiency. Since teams at startup organisations are usually small in sizes and time is a luxury they can’t afford. The execution of such projects falls on the heads of a very few people. Such limitations of startups yield a space open for experimentation. Every employee once in a while gets exposed to working on things he/she has never done before. You must be wondering why are we deviating from the title? What has all that got to do with potential? Okay, so now let me ask you a question instead. What is your inherent potential? But really, what is potential?

Potential (adj):

having or showing the capacity to develop into something in the future.’

Potential is just a possible projection of someone’s future but in no way define what the person should have become at a given time. Here on, we will try to separate career success from potential.

Assessing Potential

The idea of ‘possessing potential’ might originate from education at school. Let’s talk about a scenario. “I was so good at getting higher percentages at school, why am I not succeeding now?”. We all understand school grades and percentages do not measure for social skills which are deciding factors for a successful career. Hence, it is wrong to judge educational success with success at work.

Now let’s look at another scenario, ” Why am I not being recognised as a talented genius? I am smart and unique.” Well if someone thinks they are unique, it does not mean their experience in a career will be any different. Above all, no one is unique but just like everyone else.
Daniel Gilbert, professor of psychology at Harvard University, can in the course of five minutes, rattle off ten reasons why people think they are unique but they are not.

Finally the third scenario, “I am earning handsome money but I am still unhappy with my job”. Unfortunately, people are not good at picking a job that will make them happy. Gilbert found that people are ill-equipped to determine the kind of life they will lead while doing a job. This inability hence causes dissatisfaction and depression.

Discovering Potential at SpaceBoat

SpaceBoat - A Favourable Opportunity

The path to a successful career and happiness is to seek one where people are happy. And Gilbert emphasises that trying out a few different professions before settling on one is the best remedy to finding such a career. 

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success.’

– Napolean Hill

For college students, this can happen over part-time engagements and internships. A series of such jobs will help them observe different professions at close range and make better choices.

SpaceBoat is one such platform, where an individual can venture into different professions, with various engagement possibilities. It is mandatory for every employee to undergo an onboarding process, carefully designed to let him develop a holistic understanding of different support functions executed at SpaceBoat. It allows the employees to understand their contribution to the value chain, and helps them bring out their best work. Also, the culture is set through this fundamental understanding of the organisation, formalising a healthy work environment that nurtures respect for every individual.

Now, if a person exclaims that he is not living up to his potential, then he/she does not understand what living means. Life is hard and full of uncertainties. We make choices time after time which have unknown repercussions. Moreover, living up to your potential is not crossing off everything on your to-do list on time, under budget. Realistically, no one cares about that. We are not on this earth to do that. We are here to be kind, that is our only potential and believe me, SpaceBoat has got your back.

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