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Hello educators. Welcome back to the series. If you are visiting us for the first time, you might want to go through first 3 posts in this series – Why SpaceBoat? As mentioned earlier, today we will be talking about how you can outsource your headache to us, and have fun teaching and growing!

If you’ve ever thought about starting a new center, you know how scary it feels. There are tons of things you need to look after. SpaceBoat is trying to reduce the effort & risk involved for you, so starting a new center is not that intimidating after all. When you are trying to start a new center, here are a few things you might have to do as a part of the process, strictly from just the venue perspective –

Finalise a location

In our earlier post, we talked about how important it is for educators to open your centre in the right location, hence you will be doing some research to understand strategically where would you want your next centre to be.

Start looking for options

(Is this the most annoying step? Maybe.) Thanks to the internet, you will first search for options online. After days of effort, you will then start calling people & then visiting each of them to have a sense of what the place looks like. You will note multiple different aspects of each of them to be able to compare. Finally, you start by asking the pricing for each of them.


(Making progress) Once you’ve seen all the places you had to, you start comparing to narrow down your research to a few options that you like.


(Did we talk about the most annoying step earlier?) As an Indian, it is our birthright to negotiate. You will start meeting the landlords of your shortlisted places again to get the best deal. Landlords will take a lot of your time, try various negotiation tactics on you and at the end of all of this effort, you will get a less than decent price if you’re lucky.

Finalising & Move-in

You have finalised a place and paid the rent. This place is all yours. Now you just need to – 1) Install the ACs 2)Roam around Kirti Nagar to purchase & install furniture 3) See if the lights/fans are working. 4)Hire a support staff person to do the cleaning etc. 5)Install a power backup 6) Install water facility 7) And probably a few more steps specific to your requirement.

Ongoing Circus for educators

Everything’s done and settled. Your fully functional centre is ready and the students have started coming in. Finally, as an educator, you can do what you really wanted to do all this time – teach! Everything is absolutely smooth, until.. Wait.. Is there water dripping from your AC? Is your water cane guy not delivering water on time? Did your support staff person run away? Oh.

What if we told you we can reduce this 6-month effort to less than 6-day worth of effort for you? That’s correct. With SpaceBoat, you get a list of shortlisted spaces based on your requirement, along with their pre-approved pricing and photographs. You select the ones that you want to visit and we schedule it for you. After you finalise the one you want to start from, within 3 days, we take the approval from them and you can begin your classes immediately. And on an ongoing basis, whatever small or big breakdowns you might face, all you need to do is send us a whatsapp message, and consider it done!

And this is why, we urge you to outsource your headache to us, so you can focus on what you do best, teaching and training your trainers. Our aim is to make starting a new centre a cakewalk for educators, and make sure that you live happily ever after.



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