jagriti, core team member at SpaceBoat
Jagriti, core team member at SpaceBoat

In the previous blog about my recruitment at SpaceBoat, I shared my experience as an outsider. A place where you take a call based on your instincts. Here, I will share my year long journey with SpaceBoat, an insider experience. Come and join me in this journey full of ups and downs.

House Hunting and Joining

Time management becomes difficult when you have to manage both household and work life. And by work, I mean, real engaging and tiring work :). I was told upfront about the early start and late work days, if required. I decided to move close to SpaceBoat office and manage my time better. House hunting was a difficult one. But, anyhow, I got a place to shift. The place was not very cool, but who cares, afterall, I was joining a startup!! I still remember, I went to see Samarth on 7th December, and to ask him about my joining date. It was thursday and Samarth told me to join by next tuesday. I was leaving and suddenly he asked, “Are you doing something today? If you want, you can join today itself”. “Ofcourse, I will!” And, that was it.

Onboarding Document Introduction

Samarth gave me my email id with a beautiful password. “Welcome_to_SpaceBoat!”. I was given an Onboarding document to go through. He asked me to start my exercises mentioned over there. This document is more like a training module divided into multiple tasks. I am telling you guys, that was a never ending document (hahaha). I panicked but I was excited. I asked my first question. “How much time does it take to complete all the tasks?”. “ Three months, but depends on you, Let’s see how much time you take ! At the end of this document, I’ll ask you if you still wish to continue with us or not?” Ahan, challenge on Day 1. Just to give you context on how excited I was, I finished my tasks within 45 – 50 Days. The tasks made me comfortable with the process we follow at SpaceBoat. The sales pitch, the outreaches, the meetings and the follow ups, geography of Delhi NCR, the research directly related to our educators, what not!

97 and 99 percentile - silly mistakes at SpaceBoat

I must admit, this was a painful one, but not anymore. I, being a sharp and hard working student, was very sad when I couldn’t crack GATE exam with the best percentile. Samarth knew about it.

Samarth identified my weak points. When I was working on mails, data analysis etc, he figured that in order to get more things done, I am not very thorough with my work. I commit silly mistakes every now and then. He got pissed multiple times, but only when I repeated my mistake. First mistake was always forgiven. And for that, I am thankful, it helps to build trust and morale of a team member.

Samarth always reminded me to improve by saying, “ 97 or 99 percentile”. Ofcourse, it was a touchy thing to say, but he intended to improve me by reminding me about my capabilities and failures. Now, its something I say to myself. It helps!

First unacceptable mistake of being late at SpaceBoat:

This was a sync up day, everybody, Samarth, Jithin and Suruchi were waiting for me. I was late, because my Alarm didn’t ring that day. Samarth called and was extremely upset and angry. That was the first time he was so angry. The tone was unacceptable but my mistake was also unacceptable. I reached office, said sorry and we started our day. I still remember, I didn’t eat lunch with my team, I was very annoyed. Samarth, in the evening, asked me to come out for tea. He gave me a feedback about how hard work and efforts go in vain if a person can’t trust your work ethic, being on time being the most important one. I improved and never repeated it again.

Hand in hand training for Sales

Working as Sales person was very difficult. And that too, when I was selling not only as inbound sales woman but also outbound. The calls were frustrating and the pitch was new and difficult. But, we figured it out. Interestingly, I realised, I was good at Sales. That was a discovery. I would have never realised it if marketing was the only thing I was exposed to. I think, training a person is not only about marker and whiteboard, it is also about practical applications. I was given really good training and was given enough guidance on multiple grounds. Creating my first pricing quote was celebrated in the company as one big achievement. The first visit of a client to see our space ( we call it recce) was also appreciated a lot. Not only this, meeting multi acres property owners and ambitious educators all across delhi NCR, listening to their problems, and figuring out solutions for them in itself was a great exposure.

Completing 3 months and decision making

After completing my 3 months, and much before that, I was sure that I want to work here. I was happy and extremely involved in what company was trying to build. Both Samarth and I, decided to continue the journey.

Stuck in between Marketing and Sales

My heart was all in for the company, but of course, marketing was always a bigger passion to pursue. I still remember, when Jithin joined, I was extremely nervous yet excited about things I will do for startup. Jithin even taught me how to write sales emails, how to run email marketing campaigns and click great pictures of our inventories to be displayed for branding. His humor made all of us laugh on lunch table and by reading his posts on social media. Let me tell you guys, working at a place where everything is built from scratch gives you a very different work experience, the learnings involved are extremely crucial and confidence you gain is just next level. One thing I am pretty sure about now is, I will never say “ this can’t be done, this is impossible”. I will always say, and I have learnt to say it here, “we will figure it out”. I was given exposure to different channels and I understood that Sales and Marketing goes hand in hand. They can’t exist without each other. I loved this. I have many more things to explore, but I am sure, I will be given enough opportunity to learn and apply my knowledge on and be the best in whatever I want to pursue.

Self doubts and disconnects at times: part and parcel of startup life

This is the most important one. I wouldn’t say that I never felt low or disconnected. Startups are full of failures or I must say, takes time to build things. My expectations were very different from actual scenarios. Being a hustler, I lacked patience many a times. I had my highs and lows. One thing that I learnt from these situations was, conversations and its importance. If you are stuck, feeling low, talking to each other helps rebuild trust and confidence. It makes you stronger and open to difficult situation. Giving up was never an option! That one bit, made it easier for all of us. SpaceBoat has feedback days, where we can talk openly about the truth, honestly. And we are trained to take it seriously instead of being offensive, because the end goal is obviously improvement.

It is important to look up to each other at workplace, learn from each other and make everyday productive. The biggest learning for me after completing one year at SpaceBoat is being reliable and honest to each other. I have always felt that I can rely on my seniors and team mates here which gives me enough motivation to keep moving forward even when the time is tough. We believe each day has to be enjoyable, engaging and worth it and we leave no stone unturned to make it happen!


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