Jobs and Internship at SpaceBoat
Internship at SpaceBoat

This expedition is not about incremental promotion from an intern to employee, but of opportunity and satisfaction. Like any adventure, exploration and discovery are the hero highlights of my internship at SpaceBoat. 

The sense of not belonging to my ongoing career direction had started to manifest in the sophomore year of my graduate education. Luckily later that year a friend introduced me to the field of design and I was immediately hooked. I was late to have stumbled upon such an avenue, and the choice of pursuing its lanes was overwhelming.  I had to choose to either continue my current stream of education or leave it in the middle. I chose former but simultaneously self-taught my way to a career in design. To build my résumé, I was on the lookout for internships that could help initiate my career path in design. In my final year, I applied at SpaceBoat for the summer internship and got selected without having any prior work experience in the field.


The requirement was of a graphic designer to work in a part-time work rhythm. At SpaceBoat, there is a lot of flexibility as the decision of choosing your work days and hours lies with you. My entire internship experience got enhanced because of this timeshare possibility.  Particularly in the final year, I like everybody else had a lot of time to myself. SpaceBoat became the perfect launchpad where I could spend my idle hours to kick start my design career. The stipend was enough to support my expenses as a college student. I was asked to build marketing collaterals for the ongoing campaigns which led to understanding grid systems and typography. Albeit, there is immense value in approaching a milestone you have been craving. But this opportunity had brought me closer to exploration.


The duration of a typical internship at SpaceBoat is three months. In this period, an employee is familiarised to the organisation using an onboarding mechanism. It was designed to give him/her the big picture of SpaceBoat’s existence and empathise with the fellow team members. It also helps in understanding the basics of every support function perpetuated at SpaceBoat. So that the overlapping support function requirements and beliefs are coherent.
After getting through onboarding, I was offered a choice to either continue with the ongoing arrangement for another cycle or choose a full-time bandwidth. Like Yes Man, I agreed to the full-time bandwidth and happily committed a year to it. I made my choice based on the following reasons:

  • I had understood well the prospects and potential in both mine and organisation’s growth direction
  • The team at SpaceBoat is sound and appreciates peers to push their limits
  • Flexibility is an award I would hand SpaceBoat over and over. The comfort of executing work in this flexible environment has helped balance my work/life engagements
  • There is an inherent satisfaction in seeing your work amount to something broader. This has given me a sense of belonging to the organisation, adding to an important discovery.
Internships at SpaceBoat

I came to SpaceBoat aspiring validation of my knowledge in design. Being here, in this journey, imbibed value and confidence in me. The adventure has been no less than looking for the lost trident of Atlantis.