Maintaining a great work culture today is no longer regarded as a perk but is rather imperative in great business enterprises which has considerable impact on the efficiency of the team.
With the digital interface expanding exponentially, the need to actually travel and be present in an offline workspace to complete work that can very well be completed remotely is being questioned by employers and employees alike. For geographically scattered and diverse organisations, digital workplaces are a prime benefit but also a deterrent when it comes to work culture. A great, thriving and positive work culture foster innovation and creativity and this won’t just happen if you have just an email thread to blanket all the “communication’ in the office.
A work culture doesn’t develop via training your workforce but instead needs to be ingrained into the training during their initial probation period.

Keeping the team spirit alive online
While the digital platform is more efficient and work-oriented, it doesn’t imply mean it cannot be the vehicle for light-hearted and great camaraderie and quirks of the work culture. Having a different group apart from the official and professional one to share some fun quips or share a funny selfie on the go can work to build the atmosphere and get some ‘inside jokes’ going. This can help your peers know each other a little beyond their professional front and job premise. It adds a lot more to their character than you realise which builds a personal connection of actually adding meaning to ‘team’.
What could also help the ship of ‘team spirit’ from sinking would be starting the day together, where time is specified for a daily wake up call, everyone is fresh and provides the sense of arriving and setting up your office space. Discussing your previous day’s work and progress along with the plan you have sketched out for today can work well for getting the team spirit on an all-time high and creates a space for the feeling of companionship. Also creating an area for appreciation in this call can make the team begin their work on a positive note and go about it feeling more energetic.

Creating A community beyond contracts
Creating a community cannot possibly happen if all your employer wants is your to-do list to be completed and an employee, his salary at the end of the month. A community is created by more than just threads of emails and documents in Times new roman text in 12pt font. It happens through the alignment of the organisation and the people who make it. This can happen through fun-filled Friday afternoons, while everyone is on a call with a steaming cup of coffee and some light-hearted games can be conducted, finally breaking away from the monotony of the week.
Another efficient way of building the community at your workplace brick by brick is by having a co-dependent project and having different people working and coordinating for it together. An interesting ice-breaker, this encourages your colleagues to figure out and surpass challenges as well as find ways to work together. This also draws your colleagues as they understand what works for them while working together and what doesn’t.

Separated by distance, united by a vision
When you and your entire set of colleagues believe in the company’s vision and drive, the efficiency will be high and the fuel will never run out. When everybody is working towards the same collective purpose then hurdles will still exist but they won’t be looked at as full-scale obstacles, communication will get much easier. Updates will be looked at as mere progress reports and not checks on the productivity of fellow peers. It’s very important for people in the higher ends of the company to have a vision session every 2-3 weeks, this helps everyone remember why they embarked on this journey together. It helps zoom out from the current scenario and view the bigger picture, which certainly helps painting the glooms’day lens another shade, one probably of hope. Therefore no matter the geography, it doesn’t negate the team dynamics or spirits but instead provides a reason to invest more efforts into improving it.

The team spirit does not always mean just achieving targets or getting them bonuses, it means all of that and so much more. It means going an extra mile for someone and picking up the slack, it implies looking forward to work even on rainy, gloomy days when work just means sitting in front of the laptop in one corner of your house.
It involves working not just because you need to but also because you want to and feeling the ‘we are in it together’ vibe even across the screen, So get on a call, have a chat and get to work!

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