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Growth with SpaceBoat

Have you been following our ‘Why SpaceBoat?’ series? Could you guess the central theme behind the existence of SpaceBoat? As the Humans of SpaceBoat like to call it, we are ‘Helping Educators Grow’. From helping you to open a new centre to doing marketing for that new centre, anything and everything that is important for your growth, we are here to help you with it. If you have been following this series closely, you must have noticed how SpaceBoat is enabling your growth in multiple different ways. Let’s see what they are.

open a new centre

Open a new centre & Invest in Marketing

As an educator, taking a piece out of your budget for marketing is very important. It is nearly as important as the venue and the trainers. However, because of incredibly high space costs, sometimes people find it difficult to allocate budgets to marketing. With SpaceBoat, you get a ready-to-use classroom starting at Rs. 10,000 a month. With a much smaller OpEx and no CapEx, we leave you with more surplus to reinvest in your marketing, furthering your growth to be able to open a new centre.

Multi-centre presence

When a student is researching educational institutes to understand which one would she like to join, she is invariably attracted more towards the larger brand, with more number of centres. Why? Because it gives a perception that these people are good, that’s why they have been able to grow more than others. How long have you been procrastinating opening a second centre because it seems like too much of effort? As we tell our educators, the whole process of opening a new centre with SpaceBoat is so systematic and simple, that you’ll feel your growth with us is super easy and quick. Because the entire process has been simplified, you can literally open a new centre every weekend!

Plan for Growth

We, at SpaceBoat love seeing our educators grow. And we know how important it is to have a plan in mind, so we can see it happening. SpaceBoat has a transparent pricing mechanism, so even if you start with one batch at a new centre today, you know the rental that you will have to pay if you were to grow to 5 batches, so you can plan for growth from Day One.

Have we already triggered a chain of thoughts in your head? Don’t let it stop! Call us for a meeting right away and we would love to hear how you are thinking about your growth, and talk about how you can open a new centre with us.


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