Every company sells either a product or a service. The consumer constantly takes feedback from the existing clients about not only the advantages of buying the product or service but also about the after-sales experience. In the past many years, people have chosen to prefer after-sales services over the product’s benefits and advantages. The operations team at the backend takes care of providing a great experience to the consumer while every team is focused on improving the exisiting products.

You take any example –

  • buying a car with great features takes the back seat as soon as somebody says that the after-sales service was very poor,
  •  when you take a space on rent and the owner is not at all bothered about making the necessary changes absolutely required for you to stay there. How does it feel?

SpaceBoat always wanted to maintain the ethos of providing quick turn around time and take responsibility for any classroom being used by educators at SpaceBoat partnered spaces.Whether it was a poor internet connection or an AC which needed servicing or even shifting chairs into the classroom, SpaceBoat always ensured to be an extended team for the educators to solve their problems on the ground.

Our operations team is the backbone for all three of us:

  • Our educators, so that they can always share their issues and find solutions.
  • SpaceBoat, so that our after-sales service is as much appreciated as the product itself.
  • Our Space partners, so that they do not have to worry about operation and management before giving their spaces to anyone, this being their secondary business.

Let me give you a sneak peek into how their life looks like and what all they have done:

  1. Internet Connection breakdown situation: Our team received a request for an internet connection as that was really important for the daily class schedules. The internet provider already available at the premise had no understanding of what is actually required and hence, the team decided to go on a non – working day (Mondays). Now, we really don’t need to get into what was the cost, internet provider and the bandwidth, because our operations team will do it for you! 🙂  The real point to share was, the only non-working day in a startup after spending a heavy 60 hours or more, the only day when they could rest was spent in getting the operations work done. That led to a 14 flat workday. And yes, they do it with a smile.
  2. New batch onboard: In order to help the students find their classroom on the first day of class among 12 other classrooms in the same premise, SpaceBoat felt the need of direction support for the students. The team after multiple experiments figured out a solution and started supporting the onboardings every time a new space is being used by the educator for the first time.

These are just a few examples out of many others unsaid efforts, but not unnoticed. Our operations people are the reason customers are happy, space owners continue providing us their spaces and our employees continue to have enough resources in order to build and improve the product on an ongoing basis.

SpaceBoat wants to thank our customers to show us so much of love and our operations team to make this company better each time they go out of their way, happily spending their Sunday mornings and late evenings to make things happen!