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Recruitment at Spaceboat for career growth

Hello everyone! I have waited for a very long time to share my story with all of you. Being an electrical engineer, I had very different plans for my career as an 18 years old Kid (haha). 2017 was a very difficult yet the most fulfilling year of my life. After qualifying GATE, I realized that this was not something which excites me enough. This isn’t something that I would want to do my entire life. Realizing that you are standing nowhere because you want to change your career trajectory and start something new from scratch was a bit of a task. Lost in my life, I came across a company called SpaceBoat!

I, Jagriti, a core team member of SpaceBoat, am sharing very important part of my life with all of you. Here we go..

Applying to SpaceBoat: A happy coincidence

Realizing that I don’t want to go for Ph.D. or Mtech, I started searching for jobs and other career options. After exploring some coding, internship, digital marketing, social media marketing, things got really tough and confusing. After 7 months of struggle, I felt marketing was more of a passion to me. That was a point when quitting job was right thing to do. Decision was to start as a freelancer and eventually, become an entrepreneur. I use to send my pitch/messages to more than 15 people on LinkedIn every day. Like every other day, I sent a message to the founder of SpaceBoat, Samarth, and asked him to offer his marketing project. Samarth responded saying he would want to have a conversation on call. That was it!

First meeting with the Founder

After the call, Samarth introduced me with a full time or a part time (since I also wanted to do something of my own) offer. Not to mention, it was just the beginning. SpaceBoat doesn’t believe in interviews. So, I was asked to meet on the next Sunday. Just to give you a context, that time, Samarth uses to schedule recruitment discussions on Mondays or Sundays (being extremely busy on every other working day, and Monday is a non-working day in SpaceBoat). On my first meeting, Samarth introduced me with the goals of the company, long-term (he calls it, big picture!) and short-term.  Our interests were aligned and I decided to trust him and go ahead with the recruitment task. The recruitment started with a case study which was to be submit within 3-4 days. 

Recruitment case study

Honestly speaking, recruitment task is a different beast altogether. It is created in a manner that analyzes an applicant’s work ethic and general aptitude. It was the first time when I was doing something like this to get a job. Working in another company, coming in at 6 pm and then working on the case study was difficult. Suruchi (now, my colleague) use to help me whenever I was stuck at any point. That way, SpaceBoat was very helpful and supportive. After completing the first task, I was given the second task. 

The second part of the case study was to be done in the office, with everyone. Everyone is asked to come to office to finish the second task. Now, that’s a hilarious moment. I reached office in time and Samarth was happy (he doesn’t like people being late :)), but unfortunately, without my laptop. I was asked to go home since I should not waste my time sitting there without a laptop. I saw Samarth had two screens and asked if he could share one of his with me. I was not aware of the concept of two screens working under one CPU to increase productivity. That’s another interesting story altogether which we will surely introduce later. Samarth asked me to leave, it was really annoying, but now we laugh whenever we think about it. (So make sure to bring your laptop if you are planning to apply).

Aligning my career interest with company’s interest

I did okay with all of my tasks. I still remember how I copied the text from a website to write a relevant mail since I was out of ideas and I was caught right away. Suruchi is very smart that way, haha. After a few iterations, all of my tasks were accepted with a green signal. That was a very happy moment of my life. I met Samarth again after the tasks to understand the job roles and different options I can opt for. I was very passionate about marketing and Samarth made a commitment that I will be given enough opportunity to explore marketing and many different career options. That was a point when I was told that Startup generalists are not the one who can do only one kind of work. They do business development, Client relationship management, marketing, billing, client visits, etc. In short, everything that company needs and does. 

Offer letter and Negotiations

Once I received a go-ahead for all of my tasks, Samarth sent me an offer letter with my job role and salary. That was a point when I really wanted to join the company as a full-timer. I realized, I was yet not ready to start something of my own. In 2017, when I was struggling to choose my career options, I joined many courses and completed all of them. But, those courses were very expensive and I had to buy it under installments. (I was already 26, didn’t wish to bother my parents anymore). Here is something which I like about Samarth. I was hesitant, yet told my actual financial situation to Samarth and he straight away changed my package, without a second thought, which isn’t easy considering startup budget constraints, to make my life tension-free. That was a point when I didn’t think twice and joined the company as a full-timer.

A trip to Varanasi, my hometown

When I got selected for working at SpaceBoat, I wanted to go home in Diwali. It was important for me as I was also starting my career afresh and needed my parents’ blessings and support. I was not sure if I should join the company so late and told Samarth that I will not go to my hometown this Diwali. He was very generous and asked me not to skip meeting my parents and shared his story that when he was a kid and studying in boarding school, he always use to look forward to Diwali holidays. I felt a connection with the company and the founder and left for Varanasi happily.

This is the story before joining SpaceBoat and why I joined SpaceBoat. All of us have been in such a situation where we go with our gut feel and choose to join or not join a company. I felt very motivated and positive and decided to join SpaceBoat. Soon, I will be coming with my experience after joining the company. Stay tuned!



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