Classroom for rent
Classroom for rent

For those of you coming to our blog for the first time, welcome! This post is a part of 6-post series, talking about how SpaceBoat is solving problems for educators who are looking to rent classrooms. Please do read our previous posts as well. In the last post, we talked about how we provide a great space experience. Today, we will be talking about the pricing flexibility that SpaceBoat offers.

Rent Classrooms at Flexible Pricing

Imagine you are an Art class provider, who is looking to start a new center in a different location than your existing center. As you start planning, you realise that initially you might be able to begin with only one or two batches, because, let’s be honest, marketing takes time. You go out in the market, looking for the right space to host your classes from. After weeks of hunting, you finally find something you like and ask the landlord for the rentals. “Rs. 60,000 per month.” At this point, you start calculating by when might you break even on this center if all goes well, and oh, it seems like a lifetime. Or, you might not have that kind of resources to put in your new center. What do you do? You rent classroom with  SpaceBoat.   

Pay for what you use

With SpaceBoat, you can start your classes for rentals as low as Rs. 10,000 per month. And the good news? You can reserve any space for exactly the number of hours you want to use it for, and pay accordingly. Starting a new center is really that easy. Can I do 2 batches of 2 hours, twice a week? Yes! Can I do 1 batch of 4 hrs, five times a week? Yes! Our pricing model is tailor made to accommodate all your requirements, and the rent is calculated accordingly.

Declining Hourly Rates

Our pricing mechanism is also specially designed to leave the upside of your hard-earned money with you. We offer a declining hourly pricing, which means, the more batches you run, the lesser your pricing/hour gets. Isn’t that how it should be? So you can keep the benefits of your marketing. Unlike how the outside world offers you a flat pricing, this leaves you with buffer to re-invest in marketing, train your trainers, and/or open more centers.

Rent classrooms at ZERO CapEx!

There is no capex involved because our spaces are ready-to-use. Furniture, water cooler, AC, everything is pre-installed. So you don’t have to spend your time or money in buying furniture and/or other equipments etc. Water, electricity, cleanliness, everything is taken care of and hence there is no additional maintenance cost either.

Carry forward your unused hours

The rental amount that you pay monthly is flexible based on the actual use. In case you cancelled a class, the unused amount gets carried forward to the next month. Or, if you want to add a new batch, or take extra classes in a month(subject to availability), the additional amount will be charged at the time of next payment. Now do not worry about the high costs in your next lean season.

This is how SpaceBoat offers pricing flexibility to rent classrooms, which is not available anywhere else in the market. For our next post, we will talking about how you can outsource your headache to SpaceBoat. Till then, happy teaching!

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