rent your classroom during idle hours

If you run a school, institute, or an education body you must have entire classrooms, play area, auditorium and vacant spaces that aren’t being utilised properly. The investment you made in their infrastructure isn’t paying the dividends you desired. If you see it all with an analytical eye, you will notice that this is an utter waste of resources that can serve a better purpose. You can rent your classrooms and other idle spaces to minimize the wastage.

Ever seen those pictures of toothpaste tubes rolled to the very top to squeeze the very last of the paste. What emotions does that evoke in you? For us, it is the perfect representation of a resource utilised to its fullest.  As an organisation, it is a must to get the best out of whatever resource is available for an excellent return on investment. We as an organisation have built upon this fundamental and have devised a service by which your vacant classrooms, empty chairs and lonely tables, holidays can be a potential money maker. Here are four ways through which Spaceboat can help your organisation to earn a considerable income by monetising and renting  your classrooms:

Rent your Classrooms during off hours

Usually, classes run from 9 am to 4 pm in most educational institutes. During the remaining 17 hours, the setup remains idle. This is the time slot where our ingenious solution comes in. What we offer is to connect you with like-minded educators who will be running classes during these seventeen hours and paying you for the same.

Rent your classrooms to various educators.

We offer the flexibility to our space users to run batches for a certain allotted time and this in a way can be a boon to you. This flexibility can lead to many educators running their classes from the same classroom. Thus giving you returns that much greater than what you might have got for a monthly rental.

No Administrial headaches

As a part of an ongoing partnership with you, we will assign a center manager(space manager) that will take care of the schedules of the educators operating from your classrooms. They will be the go to person for the educators for any queries and questions so that you remain stress-free.

Non-Competitive Educators as Clients

You will rent to educators who are not in competition to you in the course provided or education stream. We have designed our solution in such a manner that any queries for renting classrooms will be from non-competitive educators only.

Rent your classrooms, auditorium, amphitheatre, counselling room, etc. We at spaceboat have made it really easy for you to earn a little or a lot more from your existing resources. So do not wait, just drop us an email at and get the process started.  

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