Startups are an ever-evolving organisation. SpaceBoat is one such startup, which is always going through process improvements, target audience shifts, pricing model changes; while frequently adding features and solutions to their arsenal.

The old identity system was developed just to take the product out to the masses. It included a logo made with a typeface, supported by a single colour for the entire brand. By September 2018, SpaceBoat had reached a milestone for which the existing identity system had become obsolete. The solution from then on has gone through various modifications and iterations on the back of user feedback and on-field breakdowns. Everybody had to be brought on the same page to start the conversation around re-branding SpaceBoat to kickstart this new chapter for SpaceBoat.

Logo Branding

Session I - Understanding SpaceBoat

We started off the first branding session with a general overlook that was designed to bring everyone to speed with our existing situation. We went on to discuss the values for SpaceBoat, which could lay the foundation for its existence. The session succeeded with filling a worksheet consisting of questions relevant to the visual and voice branding.

Values define the pysche of the brand and they take shape from the people working in it.

A thorough assessment of this exercise presented the team’s perception and understanding of the organisation. The data pool consisted of varying views and ideas for the directions the brand could take. This diversity plays a crucial as a brand’s culture takes shape from the people in it. It not only brings unique perspectives to the table but also helps in building a better solution. It also helps the team feel connected to the brand and organisation as a whole.

Session II - Bringing Ideas Together

As a follow up to session I, all the attributes recognized by the team in the worksheet were listed on the board. The idea was to categorise them into the following verticals: Values, Culture, Benefit, Voice, and Customer. The benefit of this exercise was to bring clarity in the direction to pursue. After the segregation, we were able to choose 3 attributes each for 3 stylescapes from this attribute repository. The team’s energy was riding high in the waves of excitement, and the first milestone was achieved with relative ease.

Attribute Repository

We had overcome one hurdle, but the bigger one was coming up just around the curb; to formulate these thoughts and attributes into actual branding elements. To know more about this story, look for part 2 coming up on our blog shortly.

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