Nothing is more expensive than an opportunity missed. This line hits hard when one has missed several of them in the past. 

Hi, I am Kritika and this is the story of gaining my confidence back and making up for all the missed opportunities.

Recruitment form 

Since the beginning of my second year, I was eagerly looking for internships. I considered it excellent exposure, any great place where I agreed with the vision of the organisation. Unfortunately, as I said earlier, I missed out on several opportunities and recruitment shots due to the fear of being under-qualified and getting rejected. However, when this pandemic took over the entire world, there was no way I could escape this sphere and finally decided to get over this roadblock. While my confidence wasn’t at its best, I was determined to give it all I had and let the people at the other end decide instead of rejecting myself on my own. My plans received the essential direction from my campus placement cell, CDC, where I learnt about SpaceBoat through an online internship fair.

Recruitment details

I was always apprehensive of the recruitment procedure. Being judged for what you say and how long your resume is rather than what you can do is rather disheartening and made me quite nervous.  However, this time around I was determined to give it my best shot. I would highlight my enthusiasm for learning new things and adapting to changes and was pleasantly surprised to learn more about SpaceBoat. Their selection procedure and criteria were very different and aligned in the direction of what I had been hoping for. I was optimistic about applying for the procedures and finally grabbing the right learning opportunities.

 Case Study (The Ultimate Round ) 

Case Study resembles an academic and plainly boring term but it meant something completely different here. For the first time, the skill with which different tasks are performed held higher regard than my elocution. Studying a particular case study all day can be exhausting but I had different divisions to my rescue. The SpaceBoat team was incredibly supportive and let me manoeuvre along the sections according to my comfort. They were always reachable and open to any and all doubts that I had, which made me shed my inhibitions promptly. 

Given this great opportunity, I was still sceptical about how’d I fare but I aspired to do well. The persistent fear of messing it up loomed over my head but it wasn’t going to stop me from trying. The case study helped me rebuild my confidence but the last leg of the journey was still left.

Debrief and offer

The scariest part was the debrief. While one of the members was scheduling the meeting for the same, I was so anxious that I found myself reconsidering everything. Just this time around, I wasn’t going to let my mind get the better of me. I  was reassured when I attended the meeting and 15 mins into the discussion, I had no doubts left in my mind. I was confident that this was something that I wanted to do and I would be enthusiastic to solve any hurdles that came along with it. The team was content with my performance and I was welcomed on board. I was still picking a sphere between marketing and business development/management when a member advised that I can explore and startup generalists aren’t supposed to do just one thing. They venture into every space and possibility and I would have the same liberty. 

I had finally arrived and I had made it in a place where I agreed with their vision and sought to contribute to it. My confidence had gotten its boost and I keenly looked forward to what lay ahead.

 SpaceBoat was more than an internship right from the start, it showed me that I was capable of much more than my mind had led me to believe, that there were organisations which believed in the same things as I did. I knew then that this was not going to be just another internship, it was going to be a journey, an entire experience of sorts.


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