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SpaceManager to the rescue

As an educator taking your classes from someone else’s premises, you must be having to call the school owner/coordinator multiple times for small breakdowns that might happen once in a while, or for some specific requests. As you would have experienced, despite the best intentions, these people might not have the time to listen to you immediately, or even if they have heard you, they are so busy in their daily operations that they might not be able to resolve your query quick enough. This is where our SpaceManager comes into the picture. But who are these people that we keep talking about every once in a while? Let’s hear it.

SpaceManager : Single POC

SpaceBoat assigns you a SpaceManager who will be your single point of contact for everything. AC not working, furniture not setup, need to reschedule a class or even open a new centre? Anything and everything, she is just a call (or WhatsApp) away. So all you need to do is just give her a call and consider it done!

Physical presence

She is physically present on the premises when you are initially starting your classes from a new space, to help you since you might be nervous in the first few days. As you get familiar and comfortable with the premises yourself, she will be available on as-call basis if you need her.

Call your SpaceManager

Do you need to ask for school’s help for spreading a word about your programme among their kids? Call your SpaceManager. Need to get your equipment installed at the premises? Call your SpaceManager. Want recommendation for the best food joint close by? 😀 Call your SpaceManager!

With a professional team at your service, you will be a lot more at ease with respect to your space and then you can freely focus on teaching, training your trainers and making growth plans with us!


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