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I am a fourth year, engineering undergrad student pursuing B.Tech in I.T. looking for a summer internship I joined SpaceBoat. But, I was looking for a completely technical internship, adhering to my deep interest in my field and my passion for coding. In this hunt I was connected to SpaceBoat by one of my friends and my journey began.

‘Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation.’

– Dean Kamen

The Start

In search of my summer internship I got in touch with Samarth, the CEO. He then explained to me the big picture of SpaceBoat and the perspective of technology in this organisation. There was a proper tech-roadmap for this which included the projects that I will be taking up if I joined the company. We had a really long conversation on, how my learning and interests were aligned with the interests of the company before starting my summer internship. Post the conversation, it was clear to me that it was definitely a great opportunity

This summer internship provided me an opportunity to develop an end to end product as a solution. The only “but” here was that I would have had support from a mentor for the technicalities but he was in another city. This certainly was a kink for me but, this also was an opportunity in disguise to be my own mentor. I took my time and decided to join SpaceBoat, majorly due to the flexibility that was provided to explore and learn, and simultaneously gain professional experience working on a live project.

The Lingo

Language is a primary mode of communication among us. But as we move into the expertise over something our language modifies accordingly. This was initially a big challenge for me to communicate my work to my team. I always ended up using the technical terms! But this helped me to improve my communication as I learned how to explain a tech product to a layman. I remember explaining each technical word to Samarth when we used to discuss the projects. This also helped me understand my work better. Someone rightly said, “Teaching is the best way of Learning”.

Learning's from my summer internship

When I started my journey, I used to take a lot of time understanding and learning anything that I needed to. I have always been a self-learner, but here at spaceboat my learning was enhanced from the estimation I had to make for my work. When you are making something under a tap of time it definitely affects the way you make it. You find out the most efficient way of doing it and also don’t slack off. Here I was given enough time to do the learning and then implement it. Even if the team wasn’t able to understand the technicalities of my work, but they understood how the outer layer is supposed to come out. 

So, taking reviews from the team from a user’s perspective really helped me make a better product overall. My research was my learning. I was responsible for every decision I made for the product so, I had to do intensive research beforehand. I came across a lot of things that I had no idea even existed and this really helped me widen my horizon. Apart from this, where people have a lot of wisdom to pass down and everyone has a lot to learn from. This gives me great satisfaction about my experience here till now.

In this journey with SpaceBoat, my key takeaways would be:

  1. Learning is a continuous process, you’ll always encounter new challenges no matter how much you learn.
  2. Practical based learning is the best way to learn.
  3. Self-discipline is a very important factor when it comes to self-learning.
  4. Making mistakes is a good way to learn.

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