Teach for India (Education nonprofits) provide an opportunity to India’s brightest and most promising individuals, from the nation’s best universities and workplaces, to serve as full-time teachers to children from low-income communities in some of the nation’s most under-resourced schools.


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Challenges faced by Teach For India

Challenge 1: Last minute Meeting Room Request

Teach for India has leaders residing in different parts of India. Finding  a place where the team can meet, pen out the new academic year plan and see through their growth journey was becoming difficult. Teach for India needed a meeting room with more than a capacity of 8 seats which is not easily available in the market for 3 days back to back, morning to evening. 3 days before the meeting date, TFI got stuck to figure out a more accommodating  place for the national team.

Meeting room provided by SpaceBoat to Teach For India

Solution: Meeting Rooms available on Request

Teach For India reached out to SpaceBoat to find a space for the National team in short notice of 3 days. Getting a space which has a premium look and feel, tea and coffee availability on call, and space to accommodate more seats if required under budget constraints was a tedious job. But SpaceBoat has it all. We not only provided them a space for 8 people, available throughout for 3 days but also helped them call in more team members for the discussions with a setup of more than 12 people (such meeting room options with more than a capacity of 8 people are not available in market easily).

Challenge 2: Recruitment for Teach For India Fellowship Program

Teach For India was looking for an institutional space in South Delhi for their Fellowship Program Recruitment drive. Finding a space with multiple classrooms and interview rooms is not easy. At the same time, Teach For India was looking for a setup where they could start with a bigger capacity classroom as an introductory session and then move to another lower capacity classrooms for the smaller batch recruitment. Finding such inventory close to metro proximity and in the budget constraint environment was a challenge for Teach For India.


Solution: Educator-friendly Meeting Rooms at Teach For India’s disposal

SpaceBoat, as you all are already aware, is working for the growth of educators. Our prime focus is to find a space which can solve the problems for educators by providing them with classrooms and help them save very high real estate cost involvement. When Teach For India reached out to us, for a big requirement of multiple classrooms, that too close to metro proximity, we tried to figure out a solution for them. We provided them multiple classrooms available with different capacities (10 seater meeting room, 5 seater – interview room, 40 seater classrooms, 20 seater meeting room) in the same institute, 3 minutes walking from the metro. We made sure that their last minute request for one more interview room (that they didn’t anticipate earlier) is also met. Our prime goal is always to help our space users get the best ambience to move forward with their priorities

Challenge 3: Onboarding for the new Teach For India fellows

Teach For India new recruits’ onboarding was planned and they needed a big space for accommodating more than 35 individuals. They had  a very specific requirement for the classroom for the first session followed by activity space where they can divide themselves into smaller groups and work on smaller group projects. The whiteboard and screen was another prerequisite to get going for the session.

Solution: Availability of different capacity classrooms and Meeting Rooms in the same premise

Teach For India’s complex room requirement needed specific furniture setup in the first half of the day and rearrangement in the second half to help them divide themselves into multiple groups for project execution. This was not an as is basis but a tailor-made requirement. SpaceBoat provides customised classrooms for its users so that they can conduct their sessions as per their plan by rearranging the classroom furniture without any adjustments and re-design of their sessions depending upon the setup of the classroom.


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