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The basis of perception is the stimuli that our senses register.  External stimuli trigger our neurons in a way that makes each perception unique and influences the mental state. Traditional classrooms feature students sitting in rows of desks while the educator is in the front of the room at a whiteboard. Students sit in a monotonous routine and in cramped spaces. Thus the stimuli are unchanging and in an uninspiring dull pattern. Students need to be more engaged and active but the cramped setups act as a poison.

Impact of enclosed classrooms

A study revealed that enclosed spaces led to the increase in cortisol, the stress hormone. Another study revealed that comfortable surrounding is linked with better performance among students. The learning space and the related stimuli have a significant impact on the outcomes. For example, poor acoustics can cause students to tune out and have shorter attention spans when a teacher is instructing.  Higher quality spaces are found to be linked with better performances among the students. The absence of natural light or bad choice of lighting in classrooms can negatively affect the learning process.

Educators as a whole haven’t completely realised the impact learning spaces and classrooms have on their pupil. There is a need to increase their awareness. A better learning experience is linked to the the environment that the experience is provided in. Imparting knowledge is a must but the places from where it is done need to be inspiring and should promote better learning.

classroom on rent

There is a need for reform in the learning infrastructure and an immediate need to introduce flexible learning spaces that focus on improving core features like facility quality, lighting, heating, ventilation, acoustics. The correlation of the learning space and performance needs to be understood and acted upon for a better learning environment and higher productivity. Educators can bring this change in a manner similar to the way technology has been adapted to the modern classroom.


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