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Rent classroom with spaceboat

When you became an education entrepreneur, all you probably wanted to do was to get into a classroom full of passionate learners, and teach. However, as you began your journey, you realised that there is a lot more that you will have to do. Finding the right space to take your classes in, figuring out a way to be able to market yourself well, converting interested students into paying students and then a lot of ongoing operational issues, which are basically a distraction for you. SpaceBoat is here to solve a very important piece of this puzzle for you – your space experience. SpaceBoat partners with educational institutes (including Schools, Preschools, Colleges, Private Institutes etc.) to utilise their inventory in the times when it remains idle.

We believe the most important resource of an entrepreneur is their time, and we want to save it as much as we can. Having to spend months on space hunting, then negotiating with the ones that you like, patiently waiting for the landlords to respond and then finally operationalizing it into a fully functional center is a huge headache and time-kill. Instead, with SpaceBoat, you get a list of shortlisted spaces based on your requirement, along with their pre-approved pricing and photographs. You select the ones that you want to visit and we schedule it for you. After you finalise which one you want to start from, within 3 days, we take the approval from them and you can begin your classes immediately.

From finding the right space to an ongoing smooth experience, there are five primary reasons why you will prefer to fulfill your dream from SpaceBoat partnered spaces, versus from a self owned center.

  • Exceptional Space Experience
  • Pricing flexibility
  • You outsource your headache to us
  • Ease of use
  • Growth

In the next few days, we will be writing about each of these reasons, why they are important for every educator, and how SpaceBoat helps with each of these.

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