Work culture at SpaceBoat

How many of you have been in a company where your time and days of the job are fixed. You must have been in a situation where you are not allowed to leave the premise until your 9-hour work shift is completed. The manager might have judged you on the back of you leaving early while everybody is still in the office, even though you completed your work or had no work at all the entire day.

The motto of SpaceBoat

SpaceBoat doesn’t follow this kind of work culture. Now, that doesn’t mean we can come in and leave whenever we wish to, but we are not asked to stay if our priorities of the day are over. We are also given flexibility to leave early to spend some time with our family and can put in extra shift another day if need be, to meet our commitments. The main motto of the company is to  “get more things done asap”. That means, there is no end time to our work day. You may leave as early as 3 pm or stay as late as 9:30 – 10 pm, the main focus is to get as many things completed as possible.

Effective time and project management

This work culture has definitely helped us manage our time as per the responsibility. Not only this, any person working over here can literally change his/her career trajectory by picking up new work and experiments if time permits and grow with the company. We focus on work, complete it (some may even choose to spend more time and break the records by finishing it in 3-4 days whereas some may get it done in a week) and move to the next project.

Our Managers are equally accountable

We have heard, time and time again about how managers ask the subordinate to complete 9 hrs of workday although they were not given any responsibility. The subordinate not only get frustrated because of poor learning at the workplace but also because they are literally asked to sit and waste time. Our managers have taken the responsibility of not letting this happen to any of the subordinates. “Get more things done asap” has kept all of us accountable. Every person is given enough work on their project boards so that their learning never stops, and if, because of any reason, there isn’t enough work, they are free to leave home early and chill.

The story behind adopting “get more things done asap” work culture

You must be thinking, how did we come up with this approach at work?

Problems Faced

The company being a startup has always faced such situations and arguments around time spent at Spaceboat. Some questioned about long days at work and some questioned about the imbalance in their personal and professional life. An important thing to consider over here is resource constraint and time being the most valuable asset of the company. Every team member working at startup like ours has to take certain decisions which is difficult because startups are not just a job but a lifestyle.

Team discussion at SpaceBoat


Working with education industry, weekends and evenings became our prime work timings as most of the courses were delivered during these timings, not only this, mornings were spent in reaching out to more and more educators, meeting them and late evenings were often spent in figuring out solutions to the problems. This definitely needed more work hours at times and also, less family time on weekends.

In the end, the company, decide to go ahead with “get more done asap” approach rather than fixing timings and mandating works. This gave the opportunity to the hustlers and enthusiastic team members to manage their personal life and commitments along with their work goals.

Equal opportunity for all the team members

We are constantly growing and taking on more responsibilities. The attitude of getting more things done as soon as possible is helping us grow faster, creating a competitive and positive work atmosphere where each and every individual get motivated by seeing other’s time and project management skills. We believe in setting up examples for all of those who don’t like to waste their valuable time sitting without work and experiencing slow career growth. SpaceBoat has and will always give opportunity to all of those who believe in hard and smart work, and is strictly against optics, meaning, filling the hours by unnecessarily either extending the time taken to finish a job or sitting in the office till the clock hits 6:30 or 7:30 pm to hit an impression in front of their respective managers.

How is your workplace adding value to your career? Is the work culture at your place allowing you to take out quality time with your family? Do share your experience with us!